New music video: “Low Budget Film”

Low Budget Film from Paper or Plastic on Vimeo.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, hold out your hands and close your eyes, because Paper or Plastic has a surprise for you!

We’ve become filmmakers. That’s right, Paper or Plastic has crossed that line that everyone has told us to avoid, with our very own “Low Budget Film.” It’s a music video set to our song called… “Low Budget Film.”

We took a few days off, rented a camera, and traveled to Eugene, Oregon, where we found the PERFECT location to shoot our video. We don’t know squat about lighting, and we don’t really give a shit about white balance; we just want to give you something fun to watch with a song off our new EP, “Ron Save The King”– which is out on CD Friday, August 6th.

We are psyched about our foray into the world of film, and we know that once you check it out, you will be too!

Yours in rock,

Paper or Plastic

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